Professional Dental Hygiene

The dental hygiene is the constant protection of teeth against the caries and periodontitis. These diseases are caused by bacteria that “settle” on the surface of the tooth and in the groove of the gums. They transform sugar and other carbohydrate into acids that erase the structure of the tooth, and thus inflammations occur. When the reasons are not eliminated, the inflammation progresses affecting the gums, the bone, and the teeth start moving, and later a person may loose them.
Constant prevention helps to avoid it:

•    Regular and qualitative brushing of teeth
•    Professional mouth hygiene procedures 

Professional mouth hygiene is a complex of procedures during which:

•    Mineralized and non-mineralized plague is removed in order to hinder the way for diseases caused by plague;
•    Curing preparation application is applied;
•    Surfaces of the teeth and fillings are polished;
•    The exposed teeth necks are de-sensitized;
•    The conditions of present fillings and dentures are evaluated;
•    The effectiveness of teeth brushing is evaluated;
•    Patients are taught how to perform proper mouth hygiene at home, hygiene products are chosen for them.

The mouth hygiene is finished with the “Air-flow” method that conservatively cleans off fine dental plague with the help of water stream and compressed air from all dental surfaces, even the ones that are hard to reach.

The unique affect of professional mouth hygiene:

•    It does no harm to solid tissues of the tooth;
•    It removes stains of tobacco, red wine, black tea, coffee and other colouring food products that are visible on the surface of the enamel.
•    The teeth become brighter by half tone.

After the professional mouth hygiene you will enjoy the sense of comfort and cleanness in your mouth. Also we will recommend a tooth paste and mouthwash liquid selected specially for you.
It is necessary to remove the plague and stones from the teeth before any dental treatment or whitening procedure. The mouth hygiene should be performed 1-4 times a year, depending upon the individual hygiene quality of the patient, the intensiveness of formation of stones, conditions of plague formation, the composition of the saliva and other individual personal hygiene features.

Mouth hygiene at home

In order to assure the good mouth hygiene, merely tooth brushes are not enough. The interdental floss becomes especially hard to apply, and interdental brushes do not remove all food residues.

To perform the optimum mouth hygiene at home, you should use the mouth irrigator. WaterPik® - provides oral irrigators of the new generation. It helps to perform the daily dental brushing. The water jet removes food residues and the plague of the teeth from the farthest spots of the mouth that are not reached by the tooth brush: from between the teeth, from under dental bridges and dentures.  A pulsating water jet not only removes the plague, but it also massages the gums. When the plague is removed well, the bad odor from the mouth is eliminated, a [person does not suffer from bleeding gums and other problems.

More information about the mouth hygiene will be provided by the odontologist and oral hygienist.

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