Our clinic uses only the most advanced equipment that helps to achieve the best results.

Microscope ZEISS

Microscope is one of such necessities in the modern odontology clinic. Microscopy is especially necessary for the effective endodontic treatment (treatment of the canals of the tooth root). Often it is only the microscope  that allows to find tight entrance to root canals, extra microcanals, calcificated canals, the root tip, also if it is necessary to remove the plugs of the root canal as well as broken appliances. The specialist can be sure that everything is done properly and completely.  

Microscopy in all cases remarkably increases the possibility of the successful endodontic treatment – using the microscope, the endodontist sees the view that is enlarged 24 times, which is simply not possible to see by naked eyes.

The digital x-ray device.
The digital x-ray device is used to make the dental photograph. Using this technology, the view is visible on the computer screen, and it is important that this equipment exposes radiation to the patient that is 90 per cent as smaller than it used to be earlier using non-digital radiographs.

"Lasersmile" biolase  Laser   

The diode laser is used in the surgery of the soft tissues as well as for especially effective and safe teeth whitening.


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